SMS for Banks

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We provide bulk SMS services in India to help banks and financial institutions to interact with target clients with group SMS and SMS marketing.

Sample SMS Templates

Transactional SMS:
Dear Customer,Your Account XX8800 has been credited with INR 11,800.00 on 5th-Nov-18. Info: NEFT-SMS GATEWAY. The available balance is INR 7,76,445.01

Promotional SMS:
The new loan scheme starts from 26 Jan with very attractive features. Call 7624925551. India one Bank

Dear Customer,You have added the Beneficiary SMS Gateway. OTP for Activating the Beneficiary is: 123456

Opt-in SMS:
Dear Customers, Home loan available at very attractive rates! SMS HLOAN to 56767 for updates. Call 762492551 for opt out. India one Bank