SMS for Resturants & Pubs

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Text message marketing allows restaurants, cafe owners, or other businesses in the food service industry to order up a fresh round of customers, exactly when you need them most.

Sample SMS Templates

Transactional SMS:
Dear Customer,Thank you for registering at Fab Resturant. You can place online order at

Promotional SMS:
Last 1 Day only! KEBAB & BIRYANI FOOD FEST, the very best of all ethnic food at ur Fab Resturant. Call 762492551.

Dear Customer,Your six digit OTP for placing online order is 123456. For any queries call 7624925551.

Opt-in SMS:
Dear Customers, Heavy Discounts available on online orders! SMS ONFOOD to 56767 for updates. Call 762492551 for opt out. FAB RESTURANT.